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    • WhirlWind Anti-Tangle Technology

      Actively breaks hair to prevent tangles and clogs from forming

    • Whole Home Cleaning

      1440 Watts of powerful suction deep cleans carpets, hard floor and area rugs

    • Complete Seal HEPA Filtration

      Traps 99.9% of dust, dander and allergens*

    • Quiet Mode

      Reduce noise levels while cleaning

    • Perfect for Pet Owners

      Clean pet hair easily with the motorized anti-tangle pet tool


    The ultra-powerful Innova™ upright vacuum cleaner is engineered for deep cleaning and maximum pick-up. Clean and refresh carpets and hard floors with an impressive 1440 Watts of power and the innovative WhirlWind® Anti-Tangle Brushroll Technology which helps prevent hair wrap and clogs. The dual-action brush roll optimizes cleaning by pulling in both large and small debris and concentrates airflow along the floor for a deeper clean.

    With adjustable Quiet and Max power modes to customize your clean to the specific floor type and reduce noise level, plus a motorized pet hair tool designed with anti-tangle technology, the Innova™ upright vacuum is the only vacuum you need to experience the power of clean.

    WhirlWind Anti-Tangle Technology

    Dual-action brushrolls actively break hair to prevent tangles and clogs from forming while concentrating air flow for a deeper clean.

    Powerful Multi-Surface Cleaning

    Engineered to deep clean carpet and hard floors with our advanced dual motor technology including flooring type and suction level controls

    Included accessories

    Included accessories

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